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  • America’s story
    Follow in the footsteps of America’s pioneer hero, Daniel Boone.
    Market hunter, frontier guide, wilderness scout, master woodsman, expert marksman, Indian fighter, militia leader, surveyor, land speculator, judge, sheriff, coroner, elected legislator, merchant, tavern keeper, prisoner of war, Spanish syndic, husband, father – Daniel Boone led one of the fullest and most eventful lives in American History.
  •  Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that improves the lives of persons with various disabilities by providing highly trained Assistance Dogs. Through our association with volunteers, veterans, our public and private education system and community we are able to place all dogs at no cost to the recipient and provide lifetime followup and support.  We educate the public about the care, training,and value of all dogs as companions and Assistance Dogs.                                                                                              ~on Facebook